Arne Westerman Artist, Figurative Paintings in Watercolor, Oils, and Acrylics


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Arne Westerman, A.W.S. signature member is Nationally known for his richly colored watercolors of people from all walks of life. He captures fleeting moments in their interaction as they go about their daily pursuits. Arne does not try to paint pretty people or contrived scenes, but real situations catching the warmth and earthiness of his subjects. Whether ballet dancers, Jewish scholars, street people, New Yorkers, Portlanders, Virginians with their horses, they are all painted with directness, emotion and movement. His paintings have depth, feeling and more than a hint of impressionism.

Paintings by Westerman are in permanent collections of art museums and universities throughout the U.S. His awards include the Jane Peterson Award from Allied Artists of America in l990 Exhibition, the l989 Watercolor West Exhibition Grand Prize, three Grand Prizes from the Northwest Watercolor and Midwest Watercolor societies, as well as numerous other awards including the Salmagundi and the Narional Arts Club in New York in l988.

In l994, Arne was invited to join the American Watercolor Society as a signature member becoming one of only three Oregonians to hold this honor. l994 was also the year that Arne's very successful book, PAINT WATERCOLORS FILLED WITH LIFE AND ENERGY was published (now sold out and a collectors item). Westerman is a native of Oregon, attended Reed College and earned his degree in journalism at the University of Oregon. George Hamilton was his first art teacher along with Sergei Bongardt, David Leffel, Milt Kobayashi and Willam Reese. Arne is now a successful teacher traveling nation wide holding watercolor seminars. He is also a member of the National, Northwest, and Oregon Watercolor Societies.

He has been featured in many publications including SOUTHWEST ART MAGAZINE, NORTHWEST GALLERY MAGAZINE, AMERICAN ARTIST, and SPLASH/AMERICA'S BEST CONTEMPORARY WATERCOLORS."  Biography was supplied by the Artist.

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